If your aim is to breed with or without our own animals, we can provide our stallion and mares.


If you have the passion...



Thinking of extending the family?

Everyone is its own world however surely we have the ideal horse for you. We as specialists in PRE (Spanish: Pura raza Española Pure Spanish Breed) and CDE (Spanish: Caballo de Deporte Español Sport Horse) also work with Hanoverian horses. Different levels, characters and ages we are sure that it will be love at first sight with our animals because first and foremost we can guarantee their loyalty and nobility.

We know that not everyone can afford to buy a horse of such a high professional level, for this reason we still support temporary hire where the fan can pay an annual fee.


This would vary according to the category level and if the horse will be finally bought as this lease previously paid will be deducted from the arranged selling price.



That is to say, in fulfilment of an adoption model contract

such as in an animal shelter.


The adopter is fully committed to keeping the animal in both good physical and mental conditions. Provided that this contract will belong to you for unlimited time, there will be only microchip and vaccination fees.


Due to difficult circumstances this has led us to reinvent ourselves by looking for the best

for our animals.


Like us, we know that fans face the same problem this is why we offer sponsorship through TEAMING. If we reach 150 teamers, we will propose another

horse to retire 


All of our sponsors will be welcomed to our premises to give the horse all the cuddles they need. TECLOSA is a mature mare PRE (Pure Spanish Breed) that has worked her whole life; she deserves a very good retirement.


Could you give us a hand?







We know the problem many fans face is not only buying a horse but also the facilities and daily care needed.


For this reason we propose the livery option where the fan will have one of the available horses in this option at their disposal. They will also enjoy this along with the facilities (box, paddock, track, showers etc.) as many times they wish.


The 10 studs and mares available in this option depending on the level are the following: Zamarro, Chumichurri, Dolar, Culpable, Carabinero, Fogoso, Malapante, Joaquina, Ribosa and Imosa.



Do you have a stud or mare however need to tame it?


You set the level and we will reach it or even if you prefer we can advise so you can do it yourself from the basic level until the sky is the limit.



We adapt the classes according to the student´s level from the beginner’s level to whatever level you decide.

YOU choose the goal!


The courses are both theoretical and practical; we can focus on getting the diploma at any level if the student prefers.


Why not give a different gift? Not only is horse riding class an original gift but it is a perfect excuse to awake one´s true talent and spend the day differently.





If you are either a professional photographer or just amateur we suggest you take some original and elegant photos of your dreams using our studs and mares.


Looking for a different photo book or just wedding photos this is the place!


You can come with your own photographer or hire the complete photo session including the photographer.


Are you thinking about participating in the Moors and Christians parade and need a stud or mare for a show, TV series etc.?


Surely you have in mind what you need are SPECTACULAR animals and also NOBLE as they can tolerate any amount of stress…


Don’t look any further and let us advise you!


If you decide to compete on a professional level or just thinking of running a

competition within your own facilities we can advise you on how and when to arrange



Within the stud farm premises there have been different equestrian events taking place such as Absolute Championship of the Valencian Community and the Classic Taming Week.