Partida de las Chozas 30,

Villena (Alicante)

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Equs nostrum

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With over 25 years of experience behind us we can proudly affirm that the vast majority of our

horses and mares were born, raised and tamed with us. Their loyalty, generosity and

nobleness are our best badge.

Do you dare to meet them? You will fall in love.


Better than ever, same as always


We will be discussing in a blog format everything related to the horse world such as its care, history, curiosities….some topics will be wellknown and some others not so much.


This way we try to reach out to both professional horse riders and amateurs who are just stepping into the equestrian world, the complex day-to-day of a stud farm. Overall, anything that we may consider interesting, new or curious and that we´d love to share with you all.